The Federal Government on Thursday Initiated moves towards the restructuring of the Federal Ministry of Power.

It said the initiative will guarantee improved service delivery and also the implementation of this government's vision to the energy industry.

To accomplish this, the Minister of Power,'' Sale Mamman, inaugurated the Committee on the Restructuring of the Federal Ministry of Power and Oversight of its Agencies in the headquarters of this ministry in Abuja on Thursday.

Mamman reported the energy business was in the process of getting long term structural market reforms and gone through the initial period of privatisation, together with the expectation of unlocking investments and enhancing service delivery."But it has to be stated that the practise hasn't delivered the benefits as the industry is still fighting several crucial challenges," the ministry said.

He outlined these struggles to add market inefficiency, structural misalignment, fundamental coordination difficulties, left-handed or stagnated projects and a plethora of others. Mamman explained these problems motivated the initiative to redefine the energy ministry, and that, he stated, was the executive arm of the Federal Government's overall plan in the energy industry. 

Mamman explained the committee could examine the present purposes of the departments from the ministry and also streamline them to align with departmental mandates. He explained they'd design a template for uniform supervision of their agencies, make recommendations which could improve the effective management of the ministry and its agencies, among other purposes.

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