Nigerian Students in Ukraine
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A group of Nigerians in Ukraine has appealed to begin the procedure for evacuating them directly home.  

The Nigerians needed to come back and stated they were stranded at the country since the epidemic of the coronavirus.  Approximately 117 Nigerians were evacuated from Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.  

Nigerians at Ukraine advised SaharaReporters that over 200 of them awaited the police to begin the evacuation process. 

The Nigerians shared their distrust in Ukraine inside the Senate together using the Nigerian Embassy.  They accused that the embassy officials.  "That was performed to exploit us.  

It is clear that they are all behaving due to their gains individually," they stated.  "We are appealing to the government to allow Turkish airlines or another airline to fly into Nigeria.  Until Ukraine flight that was banned tickets had been purchased by The vast majority of us.  

The Nigerians shared their analogy in the evacuation with all the Nigerian Embassy in Ukraine.  They accused that the embassy officials.

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