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 is an up-to-date Nigerian digital media platform, where students and everyone can explore and benefit from.

As we all know, there are lots of informational misconceptions. Relax we are here to deliver the most important information, that is interesting, entertaining and useful academically, financially, emotionally, spiritually, and lots more.


Our Mission is to become the Best and most reliable Online hub delivering up-to-date Nigerian and International Content to Nigerians home & abroad including Foreigners... 

  • Latestori covers almost all the aspect of Life ranging from Education, Music, Video, Nigerian Celebrities Gists, Sports, Politics, Fashion, and lot more
  • We put you our audience first by creating relevant and important content and using multiple distribution channels.
  • We cover the most trending and significant topics with an emphasis on local news to enrich Nigerians’ everyday life.
  • We verify our facts before publishing and avoid using misleading or tactic for gaining views headlines.
  • We stick to contradict policy, show the world in its diversity and never justify violence.
  • We Hope to Keep Delivering Fresh Content to all our Audience

Latestori.com was created on, 23RD of Nov, 2018.

We Hope to Keep Delivering Fresh Content to all our Audience


With over 2 years span of opening Latestori.com, we have covered a reasonable amount of online users and are willing to even cover more through our systematic ploys and entertainment strategies we would be dishing out to the public. we would be spanning areas of education, music, movies, local and foreign news, politics, fashion, etc. and promise to keep you updated to the latest trends that are happening around the world.

We also support sponsored ads and also promise to keep our site ads friendly with a tremendous user interface serving you at its best.


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